Maritime transport : NVOCC / groupage

Maritime transport : NVOCC / groupage

Barratrans supports maritime distribution, with services to and from all over the world.

The effective carrier of goods, one that assumes all risks inherent in the transport operation is called NVOCC (Non Vessel Operator Common Carrier). The ” freight forwarder ” is the person or entity that provides shipping of third-party cargo for remuneration.

A NVOCC operates shipped container and even other NVOCC : with the expansion of container ships ceased to be profitable for small vessels provide cargo transport services and transport.

Large marine cargo require expert handling work with appropriate equipment. Therefore, it is the NVOCC that move, organize and accommodate the goods and their containers. The NVOCCs work in partnership with other actors in the destination countries, which proceeds to discharges of goods according to rules and pre- defined agreements and other work relating to customs controls, responses to the maritime authorities of the countries involved and inclusive, insurance and guarantees concerning the relevant penalties.

Barratrans as NVOCC agent, plays a key role in the transport of goods, accompanying the cargo from the warehouse of the supplier, to the port of destination, across the maritime unconsolidation process.

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