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Our trucks

Our trucks

Our fleet consists of more than 25 trucks that guarantee all kinds of transportation necessary for your needs.

The entire fleet Barratrans, both international and national, is equipped with GPS, that give the real-time indication of the location of the vehicle: able to obtain detailed information of the whole trip, even to the detail of when the doors of the cars are open or closed.

Barratrans currently works with 25 own trucks in international service that are mainly traffic Portugal / England / Portugal in groupage or full load conditions.

According the needs of our customers we can also offer service to other European countries.

A large part of the Barratrans fleet is composed of newer vehicles ( EUR4 , EUR5 and EUR6 ), which gives us the possibility to discharge into areas where restrictions are more demanding in a environmental level. Among these vehicles our customers can rely on refrigerators for the transportation of cargo at any temperature and vehicles equipped with ADR for the transport of dangerous goods.

In addition to Barratrans fleet we can count on the partnership of several carriers that provide us with the service of trucks for several European countries.

Our fleet also consists of trucks of 7 and 8 meters platform, some equipped with elevation platform. Our fleet performs services for the entire national territory but also performs dedicated services throughout Europe.

We can also offer a range of light vehicles that make the national transport and all delivery service / collections in the greater Lisbon area.

  • Certified vehicles
  • Inspection to date
  • Several sizes
  • Logistics planning
  • Routes planning
  • Delivery planning